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The travel scooters 4-wheel configuration makes it great for handling rougher outdoor terrain. It features quick and easy disassembly into 5 pieces for transport or storage.

* Maximum Load Weight: 300 lbs.
* Entire Weight of Scooter: 105 lbs.
* Heaviest Piece of Scooter (when disassembled for transport): 40 lbs.
Spitfire Scooter Rental Unit Spitfire Scooter Rental Storage

Rental Rates:
  Weekly    $80       

Please call in to reserve your equipment well in advance. After hour emergency calls may be subject to additional charges

Rental rates shown are for the first day’s rental. Successive days are charged at ½ the first day rate.  Weekly rate is 3 times the first day rate. First month rate is 7 ½ times the first day rate. Additional month rate is 6 times the first day rate

Minimum rental period is one day or 24 hours. Rental period starts upon customer pick-up or specified delivery time: rental period stops upon customer return or specified pick-up time

50% of grand total is due to hold equipment and is refundable up to 30 days prior to your date. After 30 day deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations made within less than seven (7) days of rental date will be billed in full.

Delivery and pick-up service is available in the metropolitan areas of the cities we serve at reasonable rates

45 cents per mile, round-trip $15.00 per hour per tech driving time, round-trip. (overtime rates will apply)

Immediately upon discovery of inoperative equipment, Metro Rental must be notified by phone, calling either our regular or after-hours phone numbers. There is always the possibility of malfunction, despite our best efforts to maintain our rental equipment in excellent condition. Upon receiving your phone call, if at all possible, we will get a replacement to you quickly.

There may also be the problem of customer operator error. It is the customer’s responsibility to make arrangements with us for instruction on operation, if needed; but if a difficulty is encountered in setting up, connecting or operating our rental equipment, a quick phone call to us may alleviate the problem.

If this procedure is not followed, and upon the return of the equipment we find that it is working properly, billing for full rental charges will be made.

Insurance for full replacement value of all equipment and accessories is the responsibility of the customer.

All unreturned equipment and accessories (including burned-out projection lamps) will be charged at current list price.

Repair charges for any equipment damaged through customer or third party neglect or abuse will be charged to the named rental customer

All out-of-town rentals shipped from our office are charged for two days minimum (plus round-trip shipping charges). Rental starts the day after shipment.

Open account extended to those who have established credit with us. To establish credit, request a credit application. Visa, MasterCard, American Express accepted. Payment due 30 days from invoice date; service charge of 1.5% per month past 30 days.  Otherwise, payment due at time of pickup or delivery.