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Pipe & Drape is a great way for you to divide a room, cover a wall, create a hallway, or create booths. Pipe and drape consists of base plates, uprights, a support bar, and drape. Combine sections to create whatever length you need. We carry drape colors listed below in stock. Other colors available by request for an additional charge.


Des Moines Rentals
18" x 18" 35lb Pole Base (Base Plate Pin & Screw Assembly Included)
•Contains 8 holes for more flexibility to create pipe and drape solutions

Des Moines Rentals
8' Height Standard Upright (Standard Trade Show Upright Height)
•Each equipped with 4 slots positioned every 90 degrees
•Additional slots at 3′ high

Des Moines Rentals
8' - 14' Height Telescoping Upright
•Unique slip-lock feature
•Easy to set-up and adjust without tools
•Locks automatically when inner pole is raised or lowered

Des Moines Rentals
6' - 10' Horizontal Drape Supports (Crossbars)
•Fully Adjustable with button click tops
•Metal hooks at each end slip into uprights slotted openings.
•The Rule of thumb is to use a horizontal that is 1′ less than the desired hanging length

Drape - Standard
Des Moines Rentals
Red 5'H x 3'W
Navy Blue 8'H x 3'W
White Overlay 8.5'H x 3.5'W

Drape - Special - Exhibit Cloth Banjo
The Trade Show Booth standard. Rich looking fabric that has the appeal of satin, without all the care and maintenance headaches. Because it is 100% polyester knit, it is economically priced, making it a versatile choice for many uses.
•100 % Polyester
•Inherently fire retardant
•Passes California Fire Marshall test
•Passes NFPA 701
•8'H x 4'W widepocketed drape panels
Des Moines Rentals
Banjo Black

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