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American DJ Uplight Controller

•Don’t want to be stuck with the same color all night?
•Not sure exactly what color will work best with your event theme?
•Want to easily change the up light colors with the press of a button?

The ADJ Uplight Controller allows you more freedom and convenience when utilizing the LED up lights at your event. Use the controller to instantly change the color of all lights in your set-up to one of 7 pre programmed colors or create your own color using the variable toggle sliders on the controller. Change you colors throughout your event with the push of a button!

The digital control panel is just as user friendly as the up light fixtures they will be controlling. Simply link each light in your set-up to the controller via control cables (or wireless with F9 uplights!) and you will have the power to change, adjust and create the perfect colors for your setting.
Des Moines Uplight Controller Rental - Metro Rental

Rental Rates:
  1 Day    $25.00
  3 Days    $50.00
  1 Week    $75.00