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Rechargeable Battery Operated LED PAR Uplighting Rental Des Moines Iowa - Stage - Weddings - Dances - DJ

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LED Wireless Battery LED Uplight | Des Moines Download F9 Settings | RGB Color Chart | Qty of Uplights Suggested

We are one of few companies in Des Moines who offer 100% wireless uplighting (No Cords!). Just drop them in place and turn them on.

These lights are very bright with 9 high powered 5in1 LEDS (red, green, blue, amber, and white). Each of the 9 LEDS are 15 watts of power making this light over 135 watts of LED lighting power.

Des Moines Uplight - Metro Rental

Des Moines Wireless Battery Uplighting Rental - Front - Metro Rental Des Moines Wireless Battery Uplighting Rental - Back - Metro Rental

• Can be set to ANY color or change to the beat of music (Sound-Active mode).
• Beam angle: 35-degree
• Up to 8 hours battery operation. (can be plugged in to wall for unlimited runtime)
• Wired DMX
• Built-in Wireless DMX so you change color, dim and strobe all with out wires.
• Master / Slave function allow one light to control the rest with out need for an additional controller.

Rental Rates:
  1 Day    $25.00
  3 Days    $50.00
  1 Week    $75.00